Cereal bar production line

We started with factory production automation and now we have a lot of experience and technology, We are doing our best to supply equipment that can contribute to productivity and quality improvement that customers want.


Equipment for producing cereal bars, grain bars, nutrition bars, energy bars, organic grain bars, etc., Chocolate Coating Half Coating, Full coating is possible. and Decorators also make equipment to produce possible products

Photos by manufacturing process

Raw material feeder

Sugar Preparation Tank System, Spice Supply Device, Cereals and Grains Raw Stir-Frying Machine, Raw material conveying device, Chocolate Raw Material Supply device

Raw material automatic pnewmatic transfer device

Ribon mixer, Screw feeder, Conti mixer

Forming roller, Choco Chip Feeder

Spread the dough mixed raw material evenly by roller, You can add a process to attach chocolate chips.

1st cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel goes through the process of cooling the molded product

Slitter, Guillotine cutter

This is the process of cutting raw materials that passed through the primary cooling tunnel to the desired size in the horizontal and vertical directions.

Enrober & Decorator

Chocolate Coating Machine, and Decorator machine can be used to coat chocolate and decorate the product

2nd cooling tunnel

Rough products, even molding and coating, can be packaged by cooling through a secondary cooling tunnel.


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We take responsibility and effort to satisfy users

All Utech employees are veterans who have worked in automation sector for decades. Also, we have established a corporation in Shenyang in China to enter the Chinese market, and doing export to Vietnam, Pakistan and Russia.
CEO Lee dong deok
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