U-Tech CI Guide

Corporate Identity

U-Tech CI design emphasizes flexibility and simplicity, Designed with the motif of the universe star. 

The meaning of the three stars is that the green expresses respect for the natural environment.

Blue expresses the mind to remind people of their preciousness.

and Brown stars Symbolizes technology and dynamism Technology and people and, Management philosophy that values ​​environment.
Expressing the will of technology and people to breathe and contribute to human society

유테크CI 국문


U-TECH logo represents your brand. U-TECH stands for concise brand direction


In manufacturing food and pharmaceutical automation facilities, we applied eco-friendly materials to express respect for people and the environment.

Human respect

It captures the importance of the person in charge of the core part of leading a harmonious company of technology, environment and people.

Technological Innovation

As it symbolizes technology and dynamism, it expresses management philosophy that values ​​technology, people and environment.

U-TECH Business Areas

U-Tech is a TOTAL engineering company that has accumulated a lot of experience and know-how in the field of automation equipment and plant, and electric control system including food development research, design, manufacturing and installation.

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