Corporate social responsibility

U-Tech Contribute to Corporate Management and Society with Innovative Technology and Excellent Personnel

Social Contribution Activities

U-TECH strives to fulfill its social responsibility through various social contribution activities.

Efforts are made to ensure that customers buy manufactured products with a sense of responsibility for their social responsibilities

1004Club Sponsored activities

U-TEC strives for corporate social responsibility through various social contribution activities.

Through 1004 Club, we are operating a program to support underprivileged people in the region.

1004Club No.111

Chungcheongbuk-do Civic group 1004club No. 111
beautiful donation, We support happy change

1Residents 1Attachment Donation House

Yulyang Sacheon-dong Community Security Council Donation House 10ho, Of residents and businesses We realize independence welfare by sponsorship

Work learning Parallelism

In order to cultivate the practical talents required by industrial sites, the system is to support employees to study for work related to their job. Both companies and workers are well established


All Utech employees are veterans who have worked in automation sector for decades. Also, we have established a corporation in Shenyang in China to enter the Chinese market, and doing export to Vietnam, Pakistan and Russia.

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