Other Equipment

Oven (Beesket / Pie)

Generally, the biscuit oven is composed of a flame type, indirect heating type, and hybrid type oven which is a mixture of flame type and indirect type.
The biscuit or pie is fired through a continuous chamber tunnel that is insulated through a metal belt.
Indirect heating type and hybrid type can be selected according to the characteristics of the product. The characteristics of the flame type oven can be used commonly in various products and can supply a relatively large amount of heat.
It is divided into several zones for temperature control, and each temperature can be individually adjusted up and down, and the temperature deviationof left and right can be adjusted.
It is applicable to city gas, LPG, etc. properly, and has gas leakage prevention and sensing device.

  • It is a large capacity oven suitable for plastic processing of products for the purpose of mass production.
  • It is fired while passing and moving through the heat tunnel, and the color of the product is uniform as a circulating moving oven.
  • The speed ​​control device is equipped, so you can control the firing time for each product.
  • The exterior dimensions are subject to be changed.

* The width and length of the oven can be customized according to the type and characteristics of the product.

Magnetic Filter

  • Sanitation basket filter(straight-through)

  • Sanitation basket filter(Ups and downs connection)

  • Closed roll diameter range: DN15 to DN200
  • Closed roll diameter standard: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF, etc.
  • closed rolls : can be made according to your requirements
  • magnetic sticking force : magnetic strength can be produced according to demand (up to 10,000 GS)

Mesh Filter

  • Sanitation mesh filter 

  • The homogeneity characteristics of the mesh allow the filtration pores to be uniform
  • Food / Dairy Products Pharmaceuticals / Chemical Drinks
  • Food/Dairy vessels Pharmaceutical/Chemical Beverage

Experiment Enrichment (Experment Equipment)

  • Jelly, Soft and Hard Candy experment equipment

Tray cleaning system

(Return tray – Water Shower – Air blowing)

Water Leaking Check Device

Check for leakage of sealed products

Box semi-automatic pretensioner

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