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U-Tech has a lot of know-how through its various business


– Custard egg solution Tank System Configuration
– Gangneung Factory Bar Produce Full Line Production and installation construction
– Gumi Jelly Main Utility Construction
– Fresh cream cake automatic filling line manufacturing and installation
– Choco Pie Half Coating Facility
– Vaccum Fryer System #2 Manufacture and installation
– Sugar Sterilization Line Chiller constructio (Fast Back System Introduction)
– Rice Cookie Molding Line Improvement
– Langfang, China Bottle Gum Capping Automated 3 Line Installation


– Development and construction of raw material bag flat system
– Cream Pie manufacturing process Up-Geade construction
– Vietnam (Castard,Choco Pie, Marine Boy) Raw material handling process
– Established and constructed domestic granola raw material handling process
– Developed and constructed a joint vacuum cleaner of Kiyomoto in Japan
– Completed Development of Small ENROBER
– Sugar Sterilizer Development (Overseas)
– Small type Jelly Produce System Development


– Established R & D Center (Koita)
– INNOBIZ certification 
– Venture Business Certification (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
– Handmade Pie, Cream Pie Line Construction
– GEREAL Bar Full Line Construction
– Japan KIYOMOTO Technical cooperation conclusion


– Dough Handling
– Raw Material Handling  System
– Dough Feeding System
– Oven Line Production Installation
– Water Leaking Check Device Unit
– Pellet Weighing System
– Box Weight Checker & Reject System
– Bottle Handling System
– Round Conveyor
– Arrangement Supply facility


– Palletizer automatic system facility construction
– conveyor system facility construction
– Biscuit line facility construction
– PIAB vacuum conveyor
– packing and transfer line facility
– raw material transfer system facility construction
– Ribbon Mixer
– Established the Raw Material Weighing System


– Production and installation of Candy Ribbon Mixer
– Production and installation of Candy Holding Hopper
– Mixing of raw materials and construction of weighing line
– Candy line weighing and packing machine production
– Palletizer automatic system installation
– Raw Material Handling System
– Raw Material Tank
– 3 side label bonding system
– 12 column container position control system
– case labeler manufacture and installation

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– Jelly line, cap line system construction
– Raw Material Handling System
– Moving Hopper & Stroge Hopper
– Gum Cap Feeding
– Flow Handling System
– liquid storage and transfer line
– Auto Packing System
– raw material/ liquid transfer and weighing automation/ storage line construction


– Dough transfer and supply automation construction
– Logistics conveyor line construction
– Raw material silo facility construction
– Ceramic Plate


– Flex Conveyor line construction
– Tray cleaning line construction
– Ripening line construction
– Material transfer and weighing automation line construction

2009 ~ 2010

– Established printing drum automatic assembly line
– Heat insulating material packing line automation construction
– Steel Conveyor
– Molding line construction
– Gum packing line

2007 ~ 2008

– Raw material transfer line construction
– Box packing line automation construction
– Automated molding line construction
– Gum packing line automation construction
– Oven & Conveyor line construction
– Container packaging line automation construction

2005 ~ 2006

– Automatic construction of substrate cleaner
– Construction line
– Breaker assembly line
– Plating line automation construction

food & bio plant, automation

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All Utech employees are veterans who have worked in automation sector for decades. Also, we have established a corporation in Shenyang in China to enter the Chinese market, and doing export to Vietnam, Pakistan and Russia.
CEO Lee dong deok
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