Tank system

We started with factory production automation, and now we have many experiences and technologies, and we are doing our best to supply equipments which can contribute to productivity improvement and quality improvement that our customers want.

Seasoning & flavor System

200Liter, Agitator, Jacket, insulation, scale

Starch Jelly Product System


Material mixing location

Left Side Tank

750Liter, Agitator, Scale

Right Side Tank

750Liter, Agitator, Jacket, insulation, Scale

Puff Coating System

Coating system

Spray, Dust collecting, Cooling

Material mixing system

Agitator, Jacket, Insulation, Scale

Liquid sorting produet System

300Liter, Agitator, Jacket, insulation, scale

Chocolette Mixing System

500Liter, Agitator, Jacket, insulation, scale

Puff storage System

Puff 저장 Tank

6000Liter,*6 set storage System

Vaccumn fryer system


Vaccumn800Liter, Agitator, Steam Jacket, insulation

Vaccumn800Liter, Agitator, Steam Jacket, insulation

Bar Line Material System

100Liter, Agitator, Jacket, insulation

1000Liter, Agitator, Jacket, insulation

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