Cream injection system


Equipment that automatically injects cream into bread, castella and pie

1. Cream Injection Unit : material SUS304, Volume 100Liter, Agitator type, 4head piston Quantitative filling type

2. Belt Conveyor : material SUS304, Size 800Wx3200Lx850H, Belt material PU (FDA Approval),  Driving method Servo Motor Control method

3. Sugar powder Topping Unit : material SUS304, Volume 30L, Gate Local area Topping(circle)

4. Film Feeder : material SUS304, Rotary & vacuum Eject Type, Film Supply is manual supply​

5. Stopper Unit : material SUS304, Rotating cylinder Type

6. Electricity Part : PLC & Touch Screen Type, Electricity Box & OP Box Separate installation

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